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Replacing a tank is not always the best solution, The tank may only require Lining for many more years of service at a fraction of the cost of replacing the tank with a new tank, Epoxy linings can last for many years and are a really effective solution to prolonging the expected life of an existing system, our lining system coat the inside of the tank with the material and cures to a durable finish superior to Butyl and other rubber liners.

Key Benefits

  • Cost effective alternative to replacing tank.

  • Reduce downtime of system.

  • WRAS Approved Epoxy Suitable for Potable Water Tanks.

  • Fittings do not require replacing.


Many inferior lining methods simply cover the existing tank and and corrosion that has occured of the service length of the tank, Our tank linings system firstly remove the corrosion then we line the tank with our materials directly onto the solid surface underneath.

Epoxy Resin Lining System

If the tank is not structurally damaged an Epoxy lining is the ideal solution available in varying approved grades suitable for potable water, chemicals and most other liquids, the epoxy is applied onto the surface inside of the tank and around the existing fittings and supports forming a complete watertight seal.

If the tank has minor areas of excess corrosion the tank may be able to have patches of material applied over the area to repair the structure of the tank prior to the epoxy being applied.

Epoxy Coating a tank can take only a few hours and can be dry within 6 hours, and fully cured in a few days but in colder conditions this can take upto 7 Days.

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